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OLOA Rental Guide

We would like to present to you with the Official Limousine rental guide for Ontario, brought to you by the Ontario Limousine Owner Association and members.

We hope this simple guide helps you to find a good limousine company, please check our directory and find the supplier that suits your needs.

We would like to thank you on behalf of our members and wish you good luck with your upcoming events.

Limousine Rental Guide:

Shopping on the Web for Limo Service?

Searching for limousine service on the web can be a tricky proposition littered with a maze of smoke-and-mirrors. Many internet limousine websites claim they have vehicles available worldwide and that you should book with them.


The fact is, most of these limousine websites with “vehicles around the world” don’t own a single car. These websites are reservation clearinghouses; internet brokers who are merely third-party subcontractors. This practice is widespread on the web and it typically leaves the consumer, YOU, at risk.

How does “brokering” work & why should you care?

  • A reservation clearinghouse, or internet broker, doesn’t own their own vehicles. They merely take your reservation and farm it out to a locally based company. Once this is done, they effectively lose control over your job, leaving you at risk.
  • For example, lets say you made a reservation with “1800BookLimosNow” for an airport arrival in Boston.
  • 1800BookLimosNow jobs out your reservation to a local company in Boston, say, ABCBoston Limo. If ABCBoston can’t take the job, they call on another one of their “affiliates” – yes, your reservation is shuffled from company to company until a local company can do it. You may not get the limo you wanted.
  • The total price you pay is above market. Hidden in the price is a broker premium. This premium could tack on as much as 20% more than regular price than if you dealt direct with ABCBoston Limo directly. Unfortunately, the premium is not disclosed as it is cleverly hidden in the price.
  • Because you are1800BookLimosNow’s client, and NOT ABCBoston Limo’s client, the service you receive may not be up to par.
  • If you have any problems with the service, the internet broker has little control over the service; they don’t own the cars or hire the drivers. If ABC Boston Limo receives an opportunity to service one of their OWN clients, you may be left standing.

How do you spot an “internet broker” to avoid risk?

  • They make broad claims of coverage such as “book a car anywhere” or “we have vehicles worldwide” or “we service over 25 countries in over 250 cities.”
  • Some websites will give you instant pricing on your reservation need. While convenient, this price often reflects the broker’s fee & the subcontracted rate; in other words, you will be paying MORE than if you dealt direct with a locally based company.
  • They have names symbolic of national prominence such as “1800BookLimosNow” or “Limousine Network Worldwide.”